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06 March 2015


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Lurker Girl

If you are not enjoying it, stop.

It sounds anxiety-producing and riddled with "maybe one days" and life is too short to put that kind of pressure on yourself if you are not enjoying it. Don't think of it as quitting...you tried something new and gave it your all. That list of things you "quit"? I read it as a list of things you tried! You learned and grew in the process. That's more than most people -- let along those of us in our 40's -- do. You stepped way out of your comfort zone and I am in awe of you for trying even if I may never shake the image of you playing pantless and sweaty last summer.

Gurl, you are way too hard on yourself IMO. Maybe your next adventure/ hobby could be something more immediately tangibly enjoyable. Something no pressure. You remind me of my sister -- she needs a big project/ goal/ pressure to feel alive. But if it brings stress, anxiety, doom, & feelings of failure -- and you brought it on yourself by being afraid to stop (not quit) -- that's no way to live...or love yourself.

My vote? BAG IT and pat yourself on the back for trying!


Thank you, LG, for your advice. I really appreciate it. It is along the same lines as my parents' advice.

PS sorry about the pantsless imagery.

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