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02 June 2014


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I had no idea that you deal with these struggles. I'm glad you found pleasure and hope in the beautiful day, though. xo


Thanks Hillary! 😊 I have a good support team and treatments but it still gets bad sometimes.


Just realized you've been blogging again -- I like it! I also like the honesty and healing you have going on. Anytime you want some company sitting in the sun with a trashy magazine, I am your girl. I EXCEL at that shit.

Keep on hanging on.


I'm never too far away, but glad you found what you needed there to turn yourself about.

Now, tell me about the split! I had no idea. But no surprise, only that I hadn't heard.


WELL! There were rumors of Matthew's infidelity. He and SJP have been leading almost separate lives, save for photo ops in the park with the kids. Meanwhile, what about those old rumors about Sarah Jessica being a lesbian and Matthew having a gay love, and their marriage being one of two friends together to make a family? Hmmm. Also, SJP earns far more bank than Matthew, since he does so much work on stage and not on film, which is where the big moola is. So that may be contributing to some tension. The more you know.

But thanks girls! Just knowing people like you are there is huge.

Dorian Genther

You are my online friend when I can't make that phone call. Thanks for sharing this. :)

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