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25 April 2014


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I really don't like the phrase "acting Jewish." Is there a way to BE Jewish and a way to PRETEND to be Jewish? Is there a wrong way to be Jewish?

I find myself wandering a few words into prayer. Maybe if I spoke out loud I'd retain focus, but it tends to be when my head is on my pillow that I start to form my prayers. My hope is that the complete sentiment counts, though the words may be incomplete.

I'm trying to be better about offering appreciation to God, rather than always asking for help/guidance/resolution. But maybe - just maybe - I feel that offering a balance will help tip the scales.


I think of "acting jewish" as going through acts like holiday rituals or temple routines - but I'm not Jewish. I don't know, "pretending" feels like I don't take it seriously because I do. But I use "acting" because, since I'm not Jewish and I really don't feel like I belong in the Jewish community, I am acting. That's where I'm coming from. I'm sure many rabbis and bubbes would say there is a wrong way to be Jewish.

I'm with you on the wandering a few words into prayer. Why is it so challenging these days?

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