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07 May 2013


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I'm sort of on the wagon... Hard liquor makes me nauseated, wine causes my blood sugar to crash, and I can only drink really weak beer (Bud light, etc.) without getting sick AND extremely inebriated. But it's all because of the gastric bypass surgery.

Basically there is a lot of stuff I can't consume any more, so I let myself splurge on what I can - really nice coffee drinks, fat-free low sugar frozen yogurt with lots of fruit. Sometimes I have to hunt for it, but I can usually find some really decadent splurge that fits into my limited diet. When my friends go places where there is nothing I can have, I just don't go. Because otherwise I get sick.

That probably wasn't helpful, but I do feel your pain. Hang in there.


It helps to remember why I'm not drinking and probably the same for you, great rewards.
I don't want to miss out on hanging with friends and family but I may need to limit my time. Like leaving happy hour early. Bummer.

Thanks Robin!


That bartender is an idiot (and rude) for giving you shit about not drinking. Many people have medical/health reasons for not drinking alcohol, also what if you are the designated driver for the night?

Whenever I'm in a situation where I don't want to drink alcohol, but everyone else is, I usually just order club soda. Then it looks like I'm drinking, but I'm staying sober so I can get home safely.

I love drinking wine, too, but there are times when I decide I don't want any for a variety of reasons in a social situation. When I come to that decision, I'm happy with it and no one will make me change my mind.


I like your self-assurance, MsChick. I do like to order club soda with lime too.

I'm not crazy anymore about work functions where alcohol is flowing. Everyone seems to feel that when they have an open house/reception/ribbon cutting thingie that they have to serve wine. Not necessarily so.

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