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08 January 2013


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I had a similar Twitter experience today. People are dicks. I'm trying to not let it ruin my day, which is really the only thing we're able to control, right?


People ARE dicks! Dick people.


You are so brave to post anything at all with all the trolls out there. I check in with your blog and I am grateful you do post. Just ignore those ungracious souls who take the time to put someone so generous with sharing down for no reason at all.


Thanks, drolf! Do you blog anywhere?


No, I have toyed with the idea but it is kind of terrifying to me to think of putting out such personal information and being judged and critisized for it.
It was hard enough going through it in the first place (manic episode) with people in real life being freaked out. It does help though to find you here.

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