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02 November 2012


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Sounds like things are all 'normal'! Did the rents get power back?


Yep, they got power back the next day. They said they wanted a hotel room after spending one night in a cold dark house. Meanwhile, hotels were sold out. Don't know if they would've been desperate enough to stay with me or not.


This is post is a riot!!!

While we are all at my parents', my sister and I established a "perspective free" corner in the garage where we could bitch, cry, and moan about silly stuff without judgement.

The minute one of us complained in the house about something like "I miss my bed", others would jump on them with cries of "It could be worse - you could have a tree in your living room!", etc.

One morning I broke down about all of the cupcakes I had in the freezer that were supposed to be for 5yo's Halloween class party. Stupid and trivial compared to what other people were going through but it was MY reality and in that corner I was allowed to cry about it.

(Those cupcakes were saved and will be frosted and turned into spiders for their rescheduled party on Friday!)

Anyway, my dad always keeps the garage door into his house locked but my sis and I were going out there all the time to bitch and smoke our stress-cigarettes and he kept locking us out. Really??? Can you not keep the damn door unlocked for 5 minutes? Your garage doors are closed and locked and there are 10 people in the house! NOTHING IS GONNA HAPPEN!

So, yes, thankfully we were not in NY/ NJ where real stress and devastation occured. We would not have fared well.


Ha Ha! I can't stop laughing!


lg, I love the perspective-free zone you had set up.

OH and also, my dad kept criticizing things in my house, like the way my front screen door closed. Finally I yelled at him. JUST FIX IT IF IT'LL MAKE YOU HAPPY! So he did.

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