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05 September 2012


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Um, please tell me you've fired all of your medical team who laughed at you.


I did not fire the main doctor who snickered at me. But I impressed upon him the seriousness of the phobia and he finally got it after a couple of visits. Yeah. I know.
He hasn't been the best doctor but he's my best option right now.


I am sorry you are dealing with this. I hope you overcome it.

I was expecting something really "silly" like a phobia about your own salvia or toilets or something. As far as phobias go, this seems very reasonable. My aunt has the same phobia and has lived in the same city her whole life so she, too, can avoid highways.

I have no advice, just love.....


Maybe this stems from the time when I ripped across three lanes of traffic in Atlanta to make the exit while we are in a rental convertible?

I too haven't any advice, but I too have lots of love.

If you say "I too, I too, I too, I too" it eventually denigrates into eye tooth, eye tooth, eye tooth....


I can't imagine having a phobia about my own saliva. LOL. Anderson Cooper had a show about overcoming phobias and I was thinking, "finally some more answers!" and was terribly disappointed when a woman's great phobia turned about to be balloons. Just like Danielle Jonas (Married to Jonas of course) is afraid of balloons. You can't die from a balloon.

Kristin, you are a champion driver! I didn't remember that until you brought it up. But I do have a clear memory of a sudden turn-off..."Hot Now!"

Peeved Michelle

Would it help if I came out there to sit in the passenger seat and yell, "Punch it! Punch it!" again? Did that even help the first time I did it.

You are not a failure. You have an issue with your brain chemistry. You'll get it worked out. In the meantime, punch that doctor in his junk. Asshole.


Punch it! That was fun.

Thank you all for the love.

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