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19 September 2012


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I can answer a few of these for you...

That scene was super fucked up which is why I don't dvr the show anymore. (Although I did catch last night's epi). It might happen in real life but it is so rare that on the few times it does happen it makes news.

You will be fun again. Some of you might still be fun now.

No woman can find pants that fit well because the women's fashion industry is ridiculous.

I'll take care of you when you're old if you don't have anyone else, but I suspect you and Salty D will take care of each other. Otherwise, we can be like the Golden Girls and hang out in Boca and sit on the lanai drinking Mojitos.

I do hope your pills start to help you soon so you can stop crying and maybe think a little positively. I can't imagine what it must be like for you.


I watched the 2nd epi last night. And they had to revisit the burning pile of bodies? Helllll no, I covered my eyes during that whole scene.

I do like the idea of drinking mojitos in Boca. If I can ever drink again.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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