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23 July 2012


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I wish I wasn't on vacay every year b/c I would totally go and use up any and all drink tickets.

Course, I have no business being there what with my lack of blogging and all. But, then again, I "have business" being at a certain convention that is being held the same week my youngest starts kindergarten so . . . not going to that, either.

Your plan sounds like a good approach to BlogHer 12 . . . I may adopt a similiarly low-key attitude for my vacay to the UP.


I had so much fun with you last year! I really wish I was going. Don't pressure yourself. Keep that go with the flow attitude. There's no wrong way to do BlogHer.


Love the convo with Dave. Have a great time and enjoy yourself (redundant)! I wish I was going with you!!! We could find some rednecks (though, I suspect most don't blog). Bummer.

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