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11 June 2012


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Average Jane

I also hate shopping for clothes. I tried to buy myself a summer outfit at Macy's over the weekend but everything I tried on made me look like a retiree.

I do much better when I take my sister with me. She has a good eye and helps me pick flattering styles that I wouldn't have otherwise chosen.


I always think that shopping by myself is more efficient -- I mean, it took 3 hours to try on loads of stuff without much payoff -- but I think I may need to bring along someone with a good eye next time! Good idea.


I'm a lone wolf shopper and could do it competively. I always find too many things I love and have to whittle it down. I wish! I usually just buy it all and forget I own it. It's actually not cool and I wish I had your problem.

At least she didn't call them "slacks"...

(I'll go shopping with you ANY TIME)


So, true story: I shopped at JCP this weekend and bought some shirts, one of which I'm worried might be too old for me. I have to rely on BF for the final answer on that one.

Asymmetrical hems make me look about 5" shorter and twice as heavy.

Last, JCP started a "no sale" campaign, where instead of being glad you're getting something on sale, you're supposed to feel good that you're always getting the lowest price. It's apparently not working for them.


I hate, hate, hate clothes shopping. I have gained too much weight and nothing fits except big stuff. I go to the mall, try on clothes and get so depressed I leave the store and go directly to Sees Candy (Fanny Farmer in the east I think) and order a whole pound and immediately devour it all........makes me feel a whole lot better. I now shop on line.


You probably know these stores. Their online shopping is great and they only have womens sizes online: www.coldwatercreek.com and www.chicos.com. You can see what everything looks like on the models. Also, of course, JCPenney. Just thought I'd share.


Crap, just reread online post. I meant those stores carry larger sizes online only-not that they only carry large sizes online.

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