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04 May 2012


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Hey,Hi Again- No such thing as a stupid question, or a silly phobia. There is such a thing as a dumb shit question I've been told though. Bacon should be crisp whether curly or flat. Glad to hear you are mending soon. Life's much better when you're mended, except then you're old! Come on out & visit when Auntie D comes home. We can all get silly & do some serious mending..........or something.


Flat bacon. Huh.

Do you press it before or after cooking?

Is it definitely a press or is it a stencil? Like maybe you press it into a slab of pig fat and get three perfect bacon slices?

I am so into "farmhouse chic" right now and may need to get one of those.


Well, press my bacon!


LG, if you are farmhouse chic then you might want a bacon press on your counter so your bacon is poker straight and evenly cooked. Then again, I think a bacon stencil could be a good new marketable kitchen toy.

Diane, thanks for the encouragement!

Kristin, press on...

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