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11 January 2012


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Do you think maybe it was the MBA that was the issue and not the graduate degree? Of what I know of you, you don't strike me as an MBA type... MPA (public administration) maybe, art something, maybe. Were you pursuing it for work advancement purposes or just for your own?


I had a sorta similar realization this week when writing a letter for my major client (you know who he is) and I said to my husband, "This is probably going to be the coolest, biggest thing I ever do." And I'm *only* 39!

(Then husband pointed, "He could be elected President..." and that just made me tired.)


Joanne, I pursued it for both my own purposes with an eye on the future. I really liked one of my classes but all of them were so freakin' hard and required so much study time. Like I was the slow kid in the class even though I ended up with A's. I don't have an MPA program in my area unfortunately, that would have been my 1st choice I think. There are certificate programs I can pursue instead of full blown masters, I might do that at some point. I need in-person classes, I'm not good with just online. You're not the first person to question why I would go into an MBA program instead of something more creative...I should pay attention to those reactions, right?

lg, this is totally not the biggest thing you will ever do. It's BIG but not your pinnacle!

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