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30 November 2011


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Tom Guarriello

One word for the moths' origin: eggs. Lot of 'em.

That "flurry" part was good!

Enjoy NYC!


My money's on you. Them moths ain't got nothin but their final countdown going on.


When I still lived with my parents, we had 'em -- this was a decade ago -- and I still remember the horror of tossing, sealing, waiting, checking, finding, tossing, sealing, waiting, checking.............

But nothing matches the horror of finding larvae in the cereal you're about to eat. Happened to both my sister and me. Maybe that explains why I no longer eat cereal.


So jealous you're getting away! When I go to the Nutcracker with the girls next week, I'll pretend it's on Broadway....


Eew gross I am so grossed out thinking about eggs. The moths have dwindled in the past 2 weeks but still ... Grody!

D. Herzog

I agree with Elaine-A-Belle, NY state of mind, xo, D

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