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01 October 2011


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Oooh, I love it! The tile is gorgeous and the fold-out bench is awesome! What a stunning transformation! Good for you!

If you want to go shopping for bathroom "art", I'll go with you!


Ooo la la! Very nice, can't wait to see it in person. Bathroom art is hard IMO. Lots of dorky stuff at those bath stores. Hmmm, maybe Target will have something fun?


Thanks, girls. I still have to buy the window shade, then scrounge up some suitable wall decor.

I don't want anything like a sign that says "Bathe!" you know what I mean.

It IS hard to find. I even went to Hobby Lobby as one of the gajillion places. To Marshall's again today.

Japanese soaking tubs

Good and impressive transformation of the bath room. Glad to see the changes made which is really adorable. I am also thinking of the remodeling of my bathroom. Done it as soon as possible. Thanks for this share..

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