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21 September 2011


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Guns aren't my thing, either. I did want to shoot at least once, though. My husband had me shoot a rifle at our cabin (at a target). Eh. Not really that fun or exciting. No desire to do that again.

Yes, a gun safe is a must!


Yeah. BF bought one for his birthday. It's a Bambi killer.

There's no waiting period in this state. So, you know, that's awesome.

I'm not exactly sure how many guns he has, living with us in our apartment. I prefer not knowing.

Lisa Tognola

This piece got me wondering . . .will my home alarm system alert me to breaking and entering zombies? :)

Tinkerbelle (@Lillyheart999)


Lisa Tognola

Hey, it's me again-- I wanted you to know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award because your blogs are hilarious. You can find the rules on my latest post should you choose to accept this very prestigious award :)


Thanks to Lisa! I will soon prove myself Versatile and fulfill my duties as an award recipient.


Guns are for pussies.


Now, I had to explain to my husband that that is a song.




I have no desire to ever live in a home with a gun and am pretty adamant about not living in one. I was PISSED when I discovered not one, not two but three handguns at my sister's house when I lived there with her kids. AND a collection of rifles just in a closet. Seriously who the fuck needs that many guns?


That's the way I used to feel, Joanne. But it's part of the compromise of a marriage and I think we reached a pretty good one in this instance. I met someone who has, like, hundreds of guns in his house and storage unit, and makes his own ammo. Seriously, arms dealer? I don't know.

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