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22 August 2011


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postscript: prayer has been answered. Whew.


Oh, wow. I can only imagine the combination of exhaustion, relief, and sadness everyone is feeling right now. I'm sorry for your loss and, sorry it took such a toll on your family. May your aunt rest in peace.

Be sure to keep an eye on your mom in the days after the service. She may not know what to do with herself for awhile. She might need help easing back into the "real world". I remember reading that people who spend days or weeks at the sick/ death bed of someone close to them have a hard time transitioning without the stress, constant anticipation, adrenaline mixed with exhaustion, etc. She might come out of it like, "Oh, look, summer is almost over" like she was in a dream or something. I've heard it's almost like the outside world ceases to exist.

Anyway, sorry for your loss.


Oh, and I just read your Tweet about your mom being the last to "let go" of her sister. I totally get that. The sister bond is like no other. My mom has three sisters, I'm one of two sisters, and I have two girls -- I know that love. I am surrounded by that love. I am awed by that love. Every day.

As my mom once said, your sister is there long before your spouse and will likely be there long after your parents are gone. It's the longest relationship you'll have. Cherish it. Protect it. Enjoy it.

Sounds like your mom did. So I ammend my earlier post with this: I am so very, very sorry for your mom's loss.


thank you for the advice, I didn't even think of mom's "re-entry" into the living world. That's definitely going to be a challenge.
I envy the sister bond, you're really fortunate to have that.


Aw, B. Thinking of you & your family. XOXO

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