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18 August 2011


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My life is full of unspoken fears -- the "what ifs" that are scary and paralyzing at times. But, fear is a powerful motivator. Often for good (like your MBA).

But, unlike you, I am afraid of a world WITHOUT Kardashians. And I don't care what people think of my personal escapism. Yes, I am working for a man who may be elected president next year but I am a total Kardashifan. I also cop to watching an episode (or two) of Big, Rich Texas (aw, home sweet home!). But I draw the line at any show involving rose ceremonies or housewives. There is a caste system in reality TV. : )


Ok I loathe the Kardashians, however you can take away my Real World/Road Rules Challenge when I'm blind and hearing impaired. :)

I feel like that too and it is making me frustrated. Like I'm sick of being terrified but at the same time I am paralyzed and can't move. I haven't quit the job that is killing me because I'm terrified I can't find a new one. (I also put up with more bad behavior by my boss than I should since I'm terrified she'll fire me and then I'll be jobless and can't find one.) And that's the funny thing to me, I don't really feel like I'm driven by a passion for anything, but I don't think I've ever felt one.


Very thoughtful. Interesting that feeling of paralysis. I'm starting to feel more paralyzed too. Not a good way to live, I know. It's hard to watch people who aren't paralyzed.

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