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27 July 2011


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I bet that suit looks great on you. Or should I say you'll look great in that suit? Whatev.

I bought a pair of NYDJ on clearance once and loved them...but now I'm too fat for them. Maybe one day soonish...


The other beautiful thing about NYDJ is you have to buy them a size smaller than your regular size. That psychology totally works.

Peeved Michelle

KtP: They sell NYDJ in the plus size department at Nordstrom.

NYDJ look like crap on me. I am short-waisted and the rise is too high, plus they don't fit my thighs well. Kut from the Kloth is my favorite brand now (also available in the plus size department at Nordstrom). I am between Average and Long, and their regular length is perfect for me, plus it has a nice mid-rise.


Yes. However. I am approximately 8295285 miles from the nearest Nordstrom, and I do HORRIBLY with online ordering.

They do have a really high rise on them.

I did like how the Simply Be clothes had multiple lengths available.


I think I'm high waisted, from what I remember when I had a waist.


My mom looks great in NYDJ. On me, they didn't work even though I had high hopes . . . I agree, they are very high waisted. I think my mom had to hem hers, though, so I will have to tell her about the "shorter" length. But I won't burst her "OMG, I'm a size 10 in these!" bubble, though.


And the name is kinda odd -- I mean, I have two daughters but obviously I'm not trying to wear their jeans.

A size 4T and/ or 6 slim from Children's Place with a ruffled hem and peace sign on the knee just wouldn't look good on me!


Oh, you could bring on a trend of ruffled hems for women, I'm sure!

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