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16 July 2011


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Love the new look! I have to disagree with #3 - eat as many cheeseburgers as you like, just PUT DOWN the shitty steak wraps.


thanks KtP!
I do love those cheeseburgers. Once in a while.

Peeved Michelle

I would never say that.


That's awesome. LOL at the Jimmy Dean clocks.


the maven retweeted this and it's probably the best advice i've read yet! lol

Maura Burns

Good advice. Especially about the alarm clocks. ;-)

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about my BH post. I'll return the favor and leave a link to my post for your readers! http://bit.ly/ofZGf5


Thank you Maura Burns!

And the retweeters - see you in San Diego.


LOL at the alarm clocks. Those things were fugly - BUT you could remove the back and put in a photo and that was kind of cute and crafty for a month.

I would add -- don't be a business card ninja with all of the booths. everytime you put a card in a pot to win an iPad, you will be on an email list. And they will spam you with random pitches for a long time.


Natalie, you are so crafty!

and excellent point on the business cards. I was getting emails from Eucerin for longer than I needed to. I love Eucerin products, but still...

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