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21 July 2011


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Wow. Tough one.

Along the same lines, what about talking about something you learned from her (a great potato salad recipe or how to crochet or to appreciate British humor)... she might like to know that "part of her" will carry on in you. A few "remember when?" stories to get her remembering she had a great life and those memories will carry on once she's gone.

If she has a sense of humor, maybe a few jokes you've heard lately?

Saying good-bye will awkward because it's literal, basically. Maybe simply end with "You are loved." It's not a good-bye and it's not a "you'll be missed" or "I'll see you in heaven" or anything else that will remind her of her passing.

So sorry, La.


Thank you - very helpful advice! She's a librarian/book lover so I now have a few good things to get me started with this hard conversation tonight.

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