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08 June 2011


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Awww...I love your heart. And you must take before-and-after pictures of your bathroom.




I'm kidding! God, you are a MUCH better person than me. Though my husband and I give a decent amount to various charities (and last year he literally bought a car for needy single mom friend) and I like to think I'm a compassionate person, I never really thought about this.

So that makes ME and asshole.

We've made a lot of big ticket purchases over the past year and I guess our feeling is "we work hard, we deserve it, plus, we give to charity" I'm glad I don't have the guilt (hopefully, fleeting guilt) you do. I know I'm lucky and I'm very grateful. But guilty? Hell, no.

Honey, you deserve that bathroom (and a big-ass closet, too). Please don't let yourself go down that path.

Yes, we must see before-and-afters!

Samantha S

Oh, do I ever feel your pain. My house was built in 1960 and has all its midcentury charm intacts, including the tiny closets, closet-like bathroom, and oddly shaped rooms.


Eh, just because I felt that way for a few moments doesn't make me a better person!

Someday, D. wants to get central air conditioning installed. That will probably virtually eliminate our closet space, so I want to hold off on that as long as possible.


I say, donate your old toilet, sink, tub and TP holder to Habitat and they can reuse it...or not! :)

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