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13 April 2011


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My old therapist had commented that I liked bright colors, despite my size. I'm paraphrasing. But I don't see any reason to shun the bright colors. EMBRACE! Just don't do gay zebra dressing.


That trench coat is borderline gay zebra.

You should provide that advice to that room full of gray. It's hard for me to wear color because then people will notice me. (I need therapy)


I need to paint my toes stat! With color, bright, bright color.


I totally get that - but I feel better in color versus gray, so that helped. And knowing I'd be noticed made me work it a little more, you know? If I wore grey I'd feel slumpy and feel it was OKAY to shrink down into myself and look as beaten as I felt. Wearing color forced me to walk a little taller, even when I didn't want to, you know?


Love, love, love.

Color is good. Scarves are good. Embracing and enjoying your body at any size is good.

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