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26 April 2011


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I think I'd like Glee better if they ran encore-only episodes on the weekends. Like an "in case you missed the good bits" public service.

Unrelated: It looks like they're totally going there with Santana. I kind of liked it better when she was sexually ambiguous/omnivorous.


I'm not fond of the Santana lesbian story yet. Not that I'm anti-lesbian.

I would love weekend encores!


I watched this episode last night with only one glass of wine left in the screw top bottle - so needed more. The OCD part made me well up and the nose parts pissed me off.

Peeved Michelle

The Voice was so good! I heard they are re-airing it tonight. You need to drop DWTS and get The Voice instead. It was the best reality competition show I HAVE EVER SEEN.


Better than The Sing-Off hosted by Nick Lachey? I loved that one.


Kristin I'm so glad you watched the episode!

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