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07 March 2011


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I agree with you on so much here - the ugly Americanism was cringe-worthy. And it was a ridic hat. And she was, often, a shitty friend.

As for the rest, I'ma have to get back to you.


I agree! My mom and I finally watched it last fall out of pure obligation and inertia. God, it was bad. So, so bad. Cringe-worthy, indeed. But it was closure.

They were too old to be acting (or dressing) like that -- sorry. I did laugh a bit when Charlotte and Miranda bonded over mother-guilt/ exhaustion.

I will say I have caught a few of the older episodes on E! as I'm falling asleep and four in a row on Sunday when I was in bed sick and I kinda starting liking it all over again. But, they should have never traveled to Dubai. That much is clear.


Have still managed to avoid the movie. Maybe if it ever appears on cable I'll catch it. :)


The traveling to Dubai was unnecessary! And the product placement of Suzanne Somers...as much as I kind of like her...was ridiculous.

Also, Carrie's child-free and non-sex-with-lotsa-guys life made it seem like life was totally boring! Except for the writing for Vogue part.

I thought the bonding over motherhood exhaustion etc. was really good - it was real. I've had conversations like that with friends where after one drink they spillover, exactly how Charlotte did.


I forgot about that Suzanne Somers stuff! God. That would have been cute (if not a bit pat) for a 30 min. TV episode.

That's the problem -- this was a good TV show, it just didn't translate onto the big screen. The characters became thinner (figuratively) and less likeable.

Can't believe they got the go-ahead to do a sequel. Charlie's Angels was a least campy . . . SATC 1 & 2 just wasn't in on the joke and it made it painful to watch.

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I agree with your suggestion. Always the girls are just called in their characters. And the ugly Americanism in wherever they were supposed to be was atrocious.

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