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09 March 2011


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I sit down on Sundays with a notebook, my recipe file folder, cooking magazines, my family's weekly calendar, and a big cup of coffee. I plan menus and do my shopping list at the same time. It takes a half hour tops and is actually fun (I like to cook and family eats anything and enjoys exotic flavors/ recipes as much as standbys like meatloaf. It would be different if I considered cooking a chore or had picky eaters).

It takes the stress out of the week. Some days I make dinner, some days it's my husband, some days we abandon the plan and eat leftovers or go out. However, having a plan is huge -- decisions are made once a week!

I tend to make decisions quickly and not second-guess myself so I cannot relate to the other stuff. But maybe my "trick" will help with the cooking part?


Get out of my head, woman. I definitely get analysis paralysis and when I have more time, I'll look at the links you posted. I definitely agree though - there is such a thing as too many choices, and that can be daunting and scary.

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