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17 February 2011


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Tom Guarriello

Have a great time...even if you have a kidney stone and now have to take Flomax. Flomax. The person who came up with that name should be _____________. Go ahead, complete the sentence. Have fun.

Peeved Michelle

I really hope those pink and black cowboy boots are coming with you. I also wish you had bigger feet so I could wear them.


A kid from work will be there the same time!!! I should steal his ticket to meet ya'll, but then I would have to go on an MBA interview and ew, I wouldn't want to do that - he would never get in.
My cousin Em just made her first cake balls the other day - she lives out that way and makes amazing cakes for special occasions PLUS my cousin twin, Val just moved back to Austin. Say hi if you run into them.
Have a rockin' good time dude and Flomax away!


Be sure to stop by the Casino el Camino for an amazing burger and then head over to Waterloo Records! Have fun!



Have fun! Be careful!

Tell Texas I said "Hi" and "I miss you" . . .


"Cacao" to "cacao!"

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