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11 February 2011


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I am laughing my eyebrows off. What's left of them. Finding and drawing them on is a daily challenge, and I face the world each day with a different expression.


Ugh, eyebrows.

Why didn't I ever listen to my mom or Brooke Sheilds???? Maybe I'd have some left at this point. I wish I had anchovies -- mine are useless mousy dishwater blondish-light brownish slivers that don't match any shade of hair I've ever had . . . including my natural.

Now that my hair is auburn, it's even more of a production to even them out and fill them out. Love my new Lorac creamy eye pencil in auburn. And my e.l.f. brow tamer (which mimics fine hairs). And my brow powder. Yes, my barely-there eyebrows require three products.

I actually have my eyebrows "done" 24 hours a day even though I'm fine going bare-faced out in public. With my brows "on", I'm ready to face the world.

In conclusion, my deserted island items would all be brow-related.


Kudos for looking like you have totally natural brows, lg. I have no skills in applying brow pencil no matter how much I practice.

Oh and this brow tint thing has already faded. 1 week.

p.s. RIP Uncle Leo

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