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23 January 2011


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My little fam is obsessed with Chex Mix -- I make it for them at least once a week. Have you seen how many different kinds there are now? Pumpkin Pie Chex Mix? Ew.

Oh, have you tried the Wegmans multigrain coco pops? Sort of a rice cake for the new millenium (sp? too lazy to spellcheck). It's the size and shape of pita bread but light and tasty (not cardboard-y like rice cakes) and has very few calories and carbs. They are delish with hummus, dips, spreadbale cheeses, etc. I'm low-carbing it right now and these are my saving grace. The girls love them, too, plain or dunked in babaganoush.

So, if you crave crunch, check them out. They don't replace chips in flavor but if you just want a crunchy guilt-free conduit to get your favorite dip into your mouth, check them out. Or, use celery, I guess. Boo.

Lehigh Valley Transplant

I'd never heard of Tennis until this weekend, when I was driving and heard an interview with the band on NPR. They are adorable, and their music is a mental respite from the 5 degree weather in PA today.



I know not your bands. But I trust you.

Although let's be honest - there's no such thing as "too much Chex mix."


LG - I have tried the CocoPops which are curiously made right in the store? Hmm. I like them. Thanks for the reminder!

Lehigh Valley T - thanks for the link. that free download was my first Tennis experience too!

KtP - Far East Movement does "Like a G6" which you totally know.

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