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04 January 2011


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Peeved Michelle

I look at my MBA classes as a means to an end. I need an MBA degree so that I can advance professionally. Taking classes will get me that degree. I hope that each class will offer something useful for my work, but I don't expect that to always be the case.


"Cockups" is a funny word.


I have very high expectations of the MBA program because of the costs (both time and money) and I want each class to wow me.

If I get to a point where the individual classes aren't meeting my needs I'm prepared to bail, because, for me, the process of doing this is the priority, and the degree will be a nice cherry on top. So I'm going to stay positive but I've given myself permission to quit if I ever need to and I won't beat myself up if that happens. Because the money and time may not always be there to keep it going.

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