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21 January 2011


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Peeved Michelle

Mostly they make their money through advertising.


Glad he is back to his usual spirits!!!
Now I have to see the movie to see if I can follow along.


I explained the advertising process to him when I used to place ads on FB and tried to tell him how finely you could target and he was freaked out.


Though I'm only 38 years old, I sorta have your dad's take on Facebook.

I haven't see it yet but it's written by Aaron Sorkin, you can bank on some fast-paced super-clever dialogue. That's why I loved West Wing so. Even if I only caught half of what they were saying!


Age has nothing to do with it...my husband is not inclined to join any social networks, he dislikes Facebook. Twitter sends him running for the hills.

But both my parents and husband will ask me about a friend or relative and "what are they saying on Facebook?" They just want the news delivered in-person.


You girls are soo awesome! i LOVE? watching your shows!

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