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10 December 2010


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This cracked me up. Ah, the cute little habits of old people.

Now I want an eggnog shake, damnit.


What is this eggnog shake you speak of, ktp? Sounds amazing.....


salty d. Wants yo know the same thing.

also apologies for the grammatical errors in this post, but, as if I care to fix them. As usual.


McDonalds! They are advertising with lame-ass singing radio ads and between this post and the ads, I was craving. And I got one today. And it was surprisingly delish!


Well, I'll be damned! But I was hoping for alcohol. I was just drinking some egg nog playing Scrabble with my husband (we bailed on the Christmas Carol tickets we had for tonight -- we are SO LAME) and was considering putting it in the blender with some vanilla ice cream. Then I realized that would just be a Brandy Alexander, no?


Who cares what it's called as long as it's delish!


Brandy Alexander's are what we would great my grandmother with at the airport - ah memories.
And now I want a hot fudge sundae with TWO of the little peanut packets from McD's. Mmmmmm

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