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21 December 2010


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Tom Guarriello

Yikes! Sounds horrible. Glad you can write about it. Don't do that again, mmkay!

(The Dave sleep part was funny.)

Average Jane

You have my sympathy! I wound up in the hospital with my first kidney stone and I'm pretty sure I've passed a couple of smaller ones since then but I just toughed it out.

You'll learn that NO ONE has any useful information to offer you re: what causes kidney stones or how to avoid them. When I was in the hospital, they mentioned coffee and dairy as culprits, then proceeded to serve both items to me at breakfast.


whoa, you had to stay in the hospital long enough to get a breakfast? Sorry to hear that. I'm curious to hear what the urologist is going to say later this week. I can't believe I now have a freakin urologist.

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