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07 November 2010


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I have teeth dreams ALL THE TIME -- they crumble like dust or they're attached to my gums by ropes that I can't wind up small enough to get the tooth back on properly (the rope goes under the hollow tooth, you see).

Seriously, I've had teeth dreams since I was a kid. I've read those same interpretations. Huh. I often think they're not about control or death but that I don't want to lose my perfect teeth (my parents paid a lot of good money for them!). So, I vote for vanity.

That chili sounds awesome! I made plain chili yesterday and feel like such an underachiever now! Soooo glad canned pumpkin is back on the shelves . . . I stocked up for waffles, pies, cakes, sauces.


The teeth crumbling out in the mouth was such a gross real feeling. the dream intepreters said the teeth dreams are even more common in menopausal women. Something to look forward to.

(adding pumpkin to almost any food is a happy thing!)

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