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24 November 2010


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That's the sort of stuff that kid will remember forever. You're creating precious memories there, Blaugra.

Every kid should have an aunt like you! Wearer of fun necklaces and bearer of swag PlayDoh and autographed kids' books. That's what my girls know of Auntie Blaugra.

You rock. But you already (should) know that.


Aww...you're a good auntie!


He has Star Wars stationery for his correspondence? Most excellent!

The boys enjoyed their swag PlayDoh this weekend at Grandpa's while Grandma and I were out shopping on Black Friday. heh heh


The kid is OBSESSED with Star Wars. You should see his bedroom. Worse than me with the rainbow theme at age 9.

Thanx for the auntie-fan-mail, girls.

Notes like this one from him crack me up and isn't his penmanship good?

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