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30 November 2010


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God, there are so many things I do around the holidays because it's TRADITION. I am an old lady. Then again, so is my 5-year old daughter who has an unnatural obsession with tradition.

Those stuffed dates sound . . . not like something I'd like. Though I do like dates -- just more as the "sweet" in a savory Morroccan dish.


I found a package of dates in a drawer this morning and thought, I have to make those Elaine things with them for some holiday party. And voila, now I have the recipe.

Peeved Michelle

I think my grandma used to stuff the dates with walnuts, and then rolled them in powdered sugar. I never ate them because I don't like walnuts. Maybe if they had been stuffed with peanut butter, I would have tried them.

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