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21 November 2010


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I haven't worn a black (or any other color) turtleneck in years and I don't know why. Maybe I instinctively knew it was a "don't" though I always thought it was a basic. Huh.

Anyway, yes, it seems weird that the designs of Miley Cyrus and Norma Kamali are sold side-by-side. I was a little young to remember NK the first time around . . . I only just heard of her because of her Wal-Mart collection. A fashion mag was touting the $39 version of her famous (?) sleeping bag coat. It was high-tech silver and puffy. Looked very warm. But not at all flattering.

Hate shopping at Wal-Mart but where else can I get an oil change, DD latte, manis for the girls, groceries, make-up, and cheap-ass leggings?

But I always feel as though the yellow happy face is mocking me. I want to punch it in it's yellow smiling/ mocking face.


Oh, and love The Soup. Love The Dish. And love, love, LOVE Tosh.O!


mmm, that chocolate looks goooood...
I used to love Wal Mart, but knew something was wrong with it - the lack of music!


My new Target also lacks music too. Lame. If the grocery store can play humming-along 80s soundtrack why can't the big Target?

And the super WalMart I went to must realllly suck because there's no DUNKIN there!!

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