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25 August 2010


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Good selections! I'm in the market for some new shoes myself having broken 2 heels on 2 different pairs of favorite shoes in the span of 10 days. The flats are cute. If given the choice between the purple and black shoes or the animal print shoes, I'd probably go with the purple ones because the I like the styling better.

I like the oxfords but am not crazy about the white/black contrast. They'd be better if the contrast was a black suede on black patent leather.


Love the new look here, B.

Also, you're forbidden to get the purple/black shoes OR the animal print shoes OR the oxfords.


As you know, I am a confirmed show whore and I would totally fuck every one of those shoes.

In other (classier) words, good job shoe shopping!


I have heard that we are too old to wear animal print unless we went to be referred to as a cougar. The last three look like one hour shoes so you know you shouldn't be buying those...


hee hee, I am wearing an animal print top today! I was also playing "Jesse's Girl" loudly in my car this morning. Isn't that cougariffic?

But no on those last three shoes. The cougar shoes, mostly no because of the rosettes. Not crazy about them. The purple/black ones come in other colors.

Shoe whores unite!

D. Herzog

I like the 'Spectator shoe look', Mom used to have a pair, and I did too.
xo, D

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