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20 August 2010


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Peeved Michelle

Thereis a good chance that this stand-off is all in your head.

I have a zillion connections on LinkedIn. (600?) I have worked in the internet industry for 11 years. There is a lot of turnover. I connect with people I meet at conferences, too. I do not connect with people with whom I had an unpleasant professional relationship. The point is connect with people who can help you and who would want to help you.

When I so those people in the list, I pass right by them with barely a second thought, and I am sure they do the same to me. It's not a stand-off, more like a mutual agreement never to speak to each other again.


I'm totally with you on this one blaugra. Especially on facebook when I see names I recognize. I figure, they obviously don't recognize me so why friend them? :)

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