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19 August 2010


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My favorite food has always been fondue -- seriously, in kindergarten we had to bring in a card with a recipe for our favorite food. You should have seen my teacher's face when she saw the quantities of white wine and fontina. Hey, it was the 70's and fondue was all the rage.

To this day, I love fondue. I married my husband partly because he owned a fondue pot and uses fondue-ing as a verb. Why the fuck not? We're spending the month of August at the shore and felt the need to bring fondue pots. That's how much we like it.

So, yeah, The Melting Pot. Went once and that was enough. First of all, we hit a parked car in front whilst parking (our fault but we still like to blame The Melting Pot). The fondue is fine, I guess -- the cheese ones anyway. I'm with you on the confusing dipping sauces. The romantic tables for two are nice but you reek of oil by the end. All in all, I was underwhelmed. I'd rather fondue at home, thankyouverymuch.

The 80's night sounded fun, though. I like when restaurants do stuff like that.


Fondueing is a fine quality to look for in a husband.

I'm still surprised my feet didn't explode again from all the salt.


I have never been to MP. Is it sad that that's on my bucket list?


I love the Pot for the company I go with - a bunch of gabbing girls or work folks and enuf people to have two pots of cheese and chocolate for maximum variety. Their bread cubes are sub-par IMO so I eat all the cauliflower - hmmm, no one at my table ever seems to mind when they are all gone. And they have a nice Malbec since the fancy, fun drinks are more dessert and don't mix well with the cheeses for my palate. I have never done the meats as I was advised it is just way too much food. We do fight over the strawberries though - maybe we should just pay the extra dough for another plate of fruit...


I love the apples dipped in the Wisconsin cheese. And it's spelled Butterkase, blaugra.

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