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18 August 2010


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I am totally with you on #2 and #3. I don't care so much if people who know me as kayteadee know about my life. It's the friends, family, colleagues, and bosses that I mind knowing about my alter ego. I think of blogging as a hobby and I don't need or want them up in my business. It would take the fun right out of it. Because of that, I have to keep things separate.


I am a worse blogger than you. :)


Kateadee, that's a good point about the fun. I forget that the reason I started this is to have fun. I need to remember the fun.

The supposed successful blog is a reverse of all these sucks. Of course that depends on what you define as "success."


Are you freaking kidding me? Your writings amuse the hell out of us! Don't hate, love youze and yo writings!

that girl

i guarantee you, i suck way more than you do. i started a blog three years ago and wrote in it for a year (on and off) for the first year, which, according to my calculations means that i have been MIA for two years. yay me. but i then started a new blog (linked in here) but it's not a happy blog like the old one was. so yeah, i totally suck.

i am new here and will be back, unless i suck and forget to save this in my favorites. sigh.

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