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09 July 2010


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Peeved Michelle

I am working on my MBA at a local university. You could actually go to the same school. They offer the program entirely online now and they have a Non-Profit & Social Enterprise track. I am doing the Marketing track.

I did take the GRE. I took a study course at the university extension, which was great as a math refresher. I didn't need it, though, because I ended up choosing this university, which will waive the GRE if you had a good undergrad GPA, which I did.

Click on my name link for info.

Tom Guarriello

May I ask an uncomfortable question: why?


No, I'm well into my 'not on my life would I ever go back to school' phase. But I already have a master's degree in library science, and I'm pretty invested in the whole library thing. Nobody gets a PhD in library science unless they want to teach graduate school.

lurker girl

I bombed the GRE, too, and still received a full academic scholarship to what many would consider a really good school. I aced the LSAT and was wait-listed at my top law school choices. Huh.

Anyway, I once considered going back for a PhD but then realized I don't even know where the periods go in PhD (did I even capitalize the right letter?).

I think you'll make a much better student this time around. Good for you -- this is exciting! A back-to-school wardrobe is in order!


Tom - Why is a very good question. I'm feeling like I need a structured program to fill in some gaps, and I need some more experiences. There's more to it than that - but I'd rather not blog about that right now since I don't like talking about my real jobs much here. Maybe it's a little peer pressure, too.

So another question I've been asking myself more than "why" is "why not?"

PM -- thanks! this school I'm going to hopefully get into is a mixture of online and on-campus, so it's really convenient. Although the Non profit and social enterprise track is intriguing.

Peeved Michelle

I decided to get an MBA (finally) because I am at the point in my career where I need one of the following things to advance to the next level: ten more years of experience, a new personality that would allow me to be a charasmatic ass-kisser, or an MBA. So, it looks like I am taking the easy way out.

The point I am at in my career is an end-point for a lot of people and I don't want to get stuck here.

The tracks aren't THAT different in my program. Everyone takes the same 12 core courses and three elective courses in their tracks.


PM you're so funny. The older I get, the less ass-kissing I can do. And when I was younger, I don't think I realized I was ass-kissing charismatically.

Oh and LG I immediately went out and bought some new clothes. My application isn't even 100% complete yet.

The clothes are not much different from my current clothes and not too MBA-y but there will be plenty of time for that.

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