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02 July 2010


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Lurker Girl

Yep, 'twas me lurking.

Your last paragraph pretty much described how I feel when the girls are with their father. At first relieved, "Yea! I can just deal with myself and do what I want to do." followed by "Shit, it's quiet in here." followed by "Shit, it's quiet in here AND I can do what I want to do."

When the girls come home, it's simply "Shit."

I kid!

But it's amazing how much space (literally and figuratively) kids take up -- you don't even notice until they're gone. It's also amazing how loud kids can sound to people who aren't used to having them around. When my now-husband first met the girls, he'd need a little breather every now and then. Now? He can tune them out with the best of them. We can tell if someone'e bleeding . . . we don't hear the rest.

Also: love the zoo ford! When I used to have a minivan, I'd opened the side door so the girls could see the water rushing under the van . . . always a hit. Now I just pretend I've lost control of the car and am heading into river: "OMG, girls, hang on! Hope you can swim!"

Could this post make me seem like a worse mother?! : )

Tom Guarriello

The pictures of your adventure with that 5 and 3 year old were cute!

That quiet house stuff does grow on you!


LG, LOL at pretending to lose control of the car in the river. Love it. Will have to remember that.

We have some sharp corners in our house and I kept imagining them puncturing a 3-year-old's eyeball but the kids navigated everything well and my worry was for naught. They're pretty smart. I thought it was funny how a flight of stairs could entertain them for about an hour. "Look! I'm laying on a step!" Okaaaaay.


I can't wait to do it all over again! The stair laying was funny, but they were in the middle of all the action so why not? Ben still wants bubble gum ice cream...

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