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26 July 2010


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You look great! Glad you're learning how to feel better, too. Gerdie may make fall clothes shopping more fun!

I also employ a cleaning service but can't bring myself to say "maid" (as you did, above) -- I say housekeeper or cleaning lady. Not sure why but I feel less like a bourgeois bitch that way. Why is that?

(not implying you're a bourgeois bitch -- bourgeois bitches don't eat simple meals of chicken and rice)


JFC that is a long list of don't-haves!

But, rather than focus on the sad part, I will commend you for taking charge of your health and learning all you can to fight the rot (which is what I thought you wrote instead of "running too hot. I like my version better. :) )


fighting the rot...i like that!
yes, there's a lot of positive about this for me, it just takes extra time to take care. I have backslid lateley and got too experimental so I have to get back on track.
oh and I said "maid" because "maid" is in the name of the cleaning service I hired and saying cleaning service was starting to feel too corporate to me. Hhah

Average Jane

Good for you! My tactics up until recently was to bulldoze through whatever I wanted to eat and let the GERD medication try to take up the slack.

I've recently gotten much more thoughtful about it, which means I've cut way back on food I haven't cooked myself and cut out soda and beer completely. It's amazing how much better I feel. I've also recently de-caffeinated myself again, but that's for another health condition. Sigh.


Good going, Average Jane. (kidding) I bulldozed through tater tots the other day and instantly regretted it on many levels.

But yesterday I had fresh tomatoes because I couldn't resist the season, and that went OK! Fresh tomatoes with bread and fresh mozzarella, one of my favorite food combos. Today I forgot to take the aloe, I had a double fudge brownie at work, and I'm drinking espresso. So much for structure. There's still time to make the day right so I'll work on that...in about an hour.

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