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12 July 2010


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I love books. Last night I finished "Girl with Dragon Tattoo." I didn't love it. I'm also reading 2 other books right now, and I hate when I do that - I couldn't imagine writing multiple books at the same time, eek!


You didn't love it? That's on my reading list just because I thought it should be.

I also have a borrowed copy of "Water for Elephants" I must read. Another one of those books that everyone says is sooooo goooood.


Yes, Judy Blume's Forever is a YA novel. 8-]

On the whole, YA fiction is much better written than adult fiction (with notable exceptions *cough*.) I say that as a librarian and an avid reader of both.

Peeved Michelle

FYI, your posts are now truncated in your RSS feed. You used to publish full posts.


Water for Elephants IS sooooo gooood (was I one of the people who told you that?). Also, John Irving. That's all I'm sayin'.

I used to be a big reader -- I could read a book or two a day. But then I went and became a writer and a mom and I haven't had the time to read books in forever (if I get a spare minute, I pick up US Weekly or Allure and get in and get out). I'm jealous of my mom who blows through books like a whore does crack (if she's a crack whore, that is). She's a member of a NetFlix-type thing for books plus she lives within walking distance to a Barnes & Noble.

Anyway, I bought a few books for my honeymoon. Got into one and loved it immediately. It wasn't until I was half way done that I realized it was a YA book. I was sorta embarrassed and sorta inspired . . . that's the kind of book I could write (and totally agree that you could, too!). I used to love the Sweet Valley High series and would write my own.

Apparently, it's a booming market (again -- it took a hit in the 90's).

Also, I just finished a hysterical memoir called Mennonite in a Black Dress (or something). I bet you could write a great memoir..............


Thanx Michelle I will fix that.

Robin, what are the other hot YA books your library visitors are devouring? Is the Twilight series one of the exceptions to the great YA market? I've never read them but judging from the first movie I just caught on TV...don't want to.

Salty D. actually just read Water for Elephants and I feel like we might be able to have a book club discussion if I read it.

Thanks for the recommendations!


I read GwDT b/c a friend loaned it to me and said it was good. I had never heard of it, but it's apparently all the rage.

Water for Elephants was good. I think I need to reread Poisonwood Bible, that was good too.


I have Prodigal Summer by Kingsolver on my nightstand. I never got to Poisonwood Bible. Aaaah now all I want to do is read non-work-related stuff!



There's a lot of buzz about Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater. Right now, my students are mainly into the Twilight books and the Lightning Thief books (movies do a lot to increase interest.)

And yes, I was refering to the Twilight books, amongst others.

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