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28 July 2010


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Peeved Michelle

Numero dos


Volunteering before taking care of self? Which can you give up more easily, money or sleep, that will make you feel good about yourself?

Or, what would you give up in lieu of $200 to keep yourself rested?


I'm sure there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in your own area that won't require you to get up at 4:30 AM, etc. What's so special about the BlogHer volunteer opportunity?


MOMA. I'm a hard-core community service person and I wouldn't do it so I say don't.


good thoughts, girls, thank you. I think my rest and sanity is more important than doing a special project even though it would be out of my ordinary world.
#2 it is.

Tom Guarriello

Wicked smaht choice! See you at BlogHer.

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