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04 May 2010


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My sister has been participating in a CSA for fruits/veggies for a couple years. She recently joined a meat CSA too. Those are options for fresh, local food if you have options nearby you - which I don't (wahh!).


After watching that, I've decided that if terrorists ever wanted to REALLY fuck us over, the could just contaminate our corn supply...which is in, or makes up just about everything in the American Diet.


Ssshh don't give them any more ideas, JJB. Actually I thought of something similar.

I never heard of a meat CSA, I'll have to look for one. We have fruit/veggie CSAs and farmer's markets.

Tom Guarriello

Food, Inc. was one of the most powerful documentaries I've ever seen. That information is all available in lots of places but the film presented it very, very effectively. Definitely had an impact on me, too.


It was jaw-dropping. I'd also recommend watching King Corn after seeing Food Inc.

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