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04 May 2010


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Maybe a salad with a poppyseed dressing with strawberries and pineapples (gawd, that is a salad from Panera...)
And I bet ya the mothers will love that green polish - HAH!

Alpha Mom

Your brunch sounds lovely! Thanks for reminding me I'll be missing Mother's Day with my girls, mom, and new MIL. I should be making that meal!

Anyway, your menu sounds fab and complete. If you're desperate for something green, a mixed field green salad with raspberry vinegrette (sp???) or white balsamic would be nice. Maybe just grape tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, dried cranberries, walnuts, and some crumbled stinky cheese.

Or, those asparagus wraps I make -- just steam the asparagus until it's done but still crispy-ish. Smear a slice of ham or proschuitto (sp??? too lazy to spell-check this post) with a mix of mayo, dijon (smooth kind), salt, pepper, and thyme and roll up! So pretty arranged on a square or rectangular platter or coming out of a clear glass.


Thanks girls! I think the salad with a semi-sweet dressing is the way to go. I love the asparagus wraps too, perhaps I'll try those. Can you make them ahead of time (like 10 hours before serving?)

Alpha Mom

Yes! They keep well and are always a hit!

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