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09 April 2010


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Average Jane

I'm still wringing every last mile I can out of my 2001 Honda Insight, but the next car on my list is the re-released 2010 Insight. They don't have much power, but the gas mileage they get is amazing.

Peeved Michelle

What do you need in a car?


I need a car with a back seat, and a trunk or rear area that I can throw house stuff in like a giant plant or camping equipment (as if I ever camp), good in snow, bright exterior color, automatic trans, good for 80% city/20% highway use, really safe, and great handling to steer clear of out of control trucks on the interstate. And it has to be less than $25,000 MSRP.

But I WANT a car with all the comforts and a smooth ride and low road noise. I want a car that doesn't look like every single car in the mall parking lot because I'm tired of losing my silver accord. I want one that I could put a bike rack on or be able to throw a bicycle in the back. I want a car that's cute and aesthetically pleasing but gets good gas mileage.

AJ, that Insight is sweet.

Peeved Michelle

Have you checked out the Honda Fit Sport?

Alpha Mom

I love my Nissan Rogue. Decent amount of room, safe, AWD, lots of cool extras if you get the fully loaded one like me (though that might bump you above $25K for new). Comes in red, I think.

Though that yellow Camero sounds hot. My sister has the Cadillac and she loves it.

But, not having a car payment is awesome, too. Think long and hard before taking one on.


Honda Fit is on my list of cars to look at in person and drive! I didn't even look into it...and they have a sport model? yess.

AM, I love the "Rogue" name.


OK, the video intro to the Honda Fit shows a guy putting a plant and a bike in the back. Just as I requested. Weirrrrd. I feel very cliche!

Peeved Michelle

My site (I own the whole damn thing) KNOWS you.

Peeved Michelle

My personal favorites right now are the Audi S5 and the Porsche Panamera, neither of which fit your criteria.

Peeved Michelle

Ok, here are some other new cars to check out, recommended by our editors for various reasons:

VW Jetta
Mazda 3
Suzuki Kizashi
Ford Fusion
Honda CR-V
Toyota RAV4
Chevrolet Equinox

If you want a used car, you should check out this list:
2009 Used Car Best Bets


Blaugra, I'm suffering through the same thing right now. I covet a Scion XD because they are so weird and boxy looking. And I may be able to find one for my price range. However unlike you and your 25k price tag, mine is a mere 10k. :) And I'm totally going used. (pre-owned). I agree with the mall parking thing. I'm currently driving my parents' nissan maybe altima. I hate that it looks like every other car in the parking lot. Although, now that I'm in TX every other car in the parking lot is actually a truck. ;)


I just bought a white Acura MDX. Love it - but it's kind of a mom car and there is at least 3 in every parking lot around here. Plus it looks just like every other car in that same "mini SUV" range, so it seems like there are really 15 in every parking lot. And to be honest, that's my biggest complaint! 7 seats that can fold down - I had Emma's bike in there the other day. Room for bike rack, good gas mileage, low noise, super comfortable. Unfortunately, not under your $25K range...


I LOVE my Scion XD, sporty and small enough to fit into the parking spots that no one else can get into. It has 4 doors, with a hatch...I can put my bike in back or the 2 dogs. It's peppy and comes loaded at about $17,000. The best part is it's made by Toyota so, not unlike your Honda, it'll last a long time. Gas mileage is around 32 highway, 28 city.


blaugra, I forgot to tell you, my first car was named Bessie. She was an awesome little truck.

Peeved Michelle

Scion xD is good. I forgot about that one. I have a Scion xB, but it is too small for your requirements.


I saw the Scion on the road the other day and remembered that I really like that one too!

Aw, Joanne, we both have had Bessies! That's awesome. Actually my current car is Bessie 2. But I usually drop the "2" when we're on good terms.

Bessie 2 got all fixed up for little scratch, I love my newish mechanic. He said she can run til she has 200,000+ miles. However, she needs some cosmetic work due to her age, and I don't want to invest in that just so I can drive her until 2023 when she hits 200,000.

I like the way that Acura MDX looks but yeah, that's not the one for me. It is totally mommylicious!


You can buy my Ford Fusion, I need to upgrade to a Four Door Jeep Wrangler...fuck it you only live once right?


Yeah, sometimes you gotta say what the fuck. Get the Jeep!

No thanks on the Ford, I'm getting a hot red car! Not today, but someday. And if someone says, "mid-life crisis" I'm gonna bop you on top of the head.

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