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21 April 2010


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Sounds. Amazing. Wish I had the cojones to try it! And yes, must see a pic of YOU soon!


I had no clue that that coloring look had a name - I live under a rock. I may have to try something soon - the grays are getting too many in numbre to pluck out (unless I want a bald patch instead...)

Alpha Mom

I bet it looks hot! How fun! Can't wait to see it on Wednesday. I've heard of it and think it's cool for both hair and fashion though probably not on the same person at the same time.

I got my hair done today (with a new girl since my longtime stylist decides to have an emotional breakdown weeks before my wedding) and it's . . . nice-ish. My boring not-quite-blonde/not-quite-brown Jennifer Aniston color.

Wish I had the guts to try Tengo Ombre. As usual, I will live vicariously through you!


I like the general idea. I never grow my hair out long enough to try this, and I've only ever seen it in RL when it's used with non-natural colors, like that blue. I wasn't a fan of that, though I love blues. I think it looks good in natural colors though. The Jessica Simpson one looks fantastic.




It doesn't take too much cajones to do it, but I think it's going to be a lot of maintenance (shine/replenishing spray on the ends) and I'm not sure how it will weather the summer sun, I will probably look like a big orange then. Jessica's hair does look gorgeous. Mine is similar to Megan Fox's but with more texture and drama. Not that I'm comparing myself in any way to Megan fox.

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