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31 March 2010


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Lurker Girl

I share your love for cauliflower (and parsnips and beets, for that matter). I also have a newfound love for leeks! So versatile!

My parents are obsessed with veggies and challenge themselves to eat as many as they can for dinner. Sometimes with a salad and roasted veggies, they hit 14 or 15. I often "shop" in my mom's veggie drawer -- she has such a good stash. Plus, she's joining a farm co-op and will be getting even more fresh veggies each week.

Seriously, I hate the word "veggies" and yet I just used it repeatedly. What's the dealio with that? What, I just used dealio, too? God's nightgown, I am old.


I like your owl ring. :)


The owl ring caused my finger to turn green. :(

Will have to find it in real gold because the gold color is rubbing off.

I roasted some broccoli and I'm not sure I like that as much as roasted cauliflower.

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